Aging Nutrition Really Extend Your Life

It has been shown that when you use anti-aging nutrition on a regular basis it will support your immune system and support healthy cell regeneration. So, if we can use anti-aging nutrition to slow the aging process, then we can live longer and live well.

The question is, when do we start aging; how is it possible to slow the aging process; is there a way to protect our bodies against the diseases of aging? And if we can live longer, we would want to look better, to feel alive and energetic everyday and live well.

When we talk about aging we’re not talking about what happens to you after 25 or 30 years but what happens to you everyday after birth. How our body repairs itself and handles daily stresses will directly impact how long and how well we will live. So at what age would you consider your life to be complete? Would you be 70 years old? 90? How about 100? Scientists believe the human body was meant to live 120-150 years and the Bible tells us that “our years should be numbered to 120”.

Today, science continues to prove the extraordinary health benefits of several foods (including: pomegranate, red grape, coriander seed) mentioned in the Bible. One nutritional supplement producer has used that science to create a luscious blend of whole fruit red grape and pomegranate extracts in apple and aloe vera juice, infused with a propriety blend of powerful healing herbs. The result is a miraculous, restorative drink that must be tried. It is called GENESIS, the ultimate anti-aging nutrition available today.

The Miracle Molecules

If you search the Internet you will find thousands of published reports on what is being referred to as the Miracle Molecules: Resveratrol and Ellagic Acid. Scientists have been studying these two molecules and they have been shown to have an amazing impact on the length and vitality of the life of animals in laboratory studies around the world. There have also been some startling health benefits seen for humans in test after test when these miracle molecules have been added to daily nutrition.

1. RESVERATROL (From Whole Fruit Red Grapes) was discovered when researchers began investigating the “French Paradox”. A French diet containing high levels of fat but a French population with a very low rate of heart disease spurred scientific curiosity. The answer they found was in the Red Wine they drank daily. Red Wine was confirmed as a source of this miracle molecule known as “Resveratrol”.